Why Evac+Chair?

Why Evac+Chair?

Evacuating multi-storied buildings in the event of fires, power-cuts, earthquakes, terrorism, bomb threats and other emergencies can be disastrous when lifts cannot be used and stairs become an impossible barrier for those with mobility problems - disabled, injured, sick, frail and elderly are among those affected.

It is hard to imagine anything more distressing than to be left behind in an emergency, whilst the alarms sound and everyone else escapes to safety.

New Zealand's legislation has lead to high access standards, however egress has been left lagging. This has lead to unacceptable discrimination against those with mobility problems - forcing them to remain behind in stairwells, feeling abandoned, and awaiting rescue.

In the early 1980s David Egan invented Evac+Chair and provided the answer. The breakthrough in stairwell evacuation for anyone with mobility impairments.

Evac+Chair enables a single competently trained user to evacuate a disabled person speedily and safely along with everyone else from any level of a building.

Its continuous rotating v-belts provide a smooth controlled descent down stairways.

The braking system is automatically geared to the person's weight.

No one is left behind! Everyone has an equal opportunity to exit the building.

Implementing best safety preparation and practice with will promote calm during emergencies, and peace of mind beforehand.