Evac+Chair is easy to use, however learning and mastering one or two simple techniques gives the operator confidence and the passenger a smoother ride.

All trainees need to be in reasonable health, no sore backs, shoulders, wrists etc. Size is not important but larger stronger people do find it easier. Operating the  Evac+Chair requires technique rather than strength. Initially it is easier to training a pair of similar weight. Once competent weight disparity is much less of an issue. Sensible footwear is recommended, and lasses may want to wear modest clothing.

Our training also includes transferring people with varying disabilities into and out of the chair.  It is designed to provide hands on experience of deploying and using an Evac+Chair, giving confidence that in an emergency where the stairs are the only way to safety, no one is left behind.

We arrange training to fit the individual circumstances of our different clients, for instance being available for different shifts in places such as Nursing Homes, Hospitals etc. We can train small groups, or in pairs to suit schedules. However we prefer trainees to have the full allocated time with as few distractions as possible. Usually a good hour is required for each pair. Once trained a "Training Attendance Certificate" is issued. It outlines various aspects of the training and any areas that still need to be worked on. It emphasises  the importance of practice to gain competency.

The Key Training course ‘trains the trainer’ and provides key personnel with the knowledge and skills to train other team members. We issue a "Certified Inhouse Trainer." (CIT)  Certificate. This course is perfect for a workplace with a high number of employees who require training.

Cost of training from Jan 1st 23 will be $500 for the first four trainees, and $100 for each trainee thereafter. Currently we offer training free for four with new chairs sold.

For more information about our training courses, please contact our customer service team on 0800 EVACUATE   (382 282) or email.