Products & Prices

Products & Prices

(all prices are GST Exclusive in NZ$)

Evac Chairs & Accessories

Model Price
Model 300H (Mk 5) Payload up to 182 kg
Model 600H (Mk 5 Handles & Footrest) Payload up to 182kg
Model 500 Payload up to 227kg

Wall mounted alarm $190.00
Comfy seat $170.00

Free standard training for 4 people is provided with each chair purchased at full price.
Additional people trained at the same time.

$100.00 pp
For price details of training Certified In-House Trainers
to train employees within your organization, please contact us.
Recurring personalized standard training in pairs - minimum 4 persons. $500.00
Each additional person trained same day. $100.00 pp

Inspection & Servicing
1st Chair $150.00
Each additional chair $100.00
Servicing cost of each chair is $100.00 if done at the same time as training.
Parts required are additional to above charges.

Delivery is 2 to 4 working days.

Beware of counterfeit, similar sounding or looking EVAC+CHAIRS®/evacuation chairs.  These products could be DANGEROUS, FAIL DURING NORMAL USE and cause harm when used.  Please ensure you purchase ONLY genuine EVAC+CHAIR® products.