Who Needs an Evac+Chair?

Who Needs an Evac+Chair?

Section 117-120 of the Building Act 2004 stipulates building accessibility standards for people with disabilities - but access is pointless without safe egress!

All multi-storied buildings accessible to anyone in a wheelchair or with any impairment that would prevent them using Emergency Stairs, should be able to evacuate everyone.

Our 2018 Evacuation of Building Regs have put a lot more responsibility on building owners toward total self-evacuation. Fire and Emergency want to be able to manage an emergency, and not waste time and men  evacuating people that should be out of the building when they arrive. They state that they cannot guarantee to be at any emergency in time to rescue anyone left behind.

Building owners have spent millions meeting “Accessibility Standards” but almost nothing on safe egress. Current emergency evacuation schemes instructing disabled people to stay behind with a volunteer buddy while everyone else must escape, are no longer acceptable. They also fly in the face of our Human Rights Act, and must surely be the height of discrimination.

Our Clients include District Health Boards, Private hospitals, Councils, Most Government Departments (Including the Beehive), Universities, Schools, Factories, Malls, Sports Stadiums, Airports, Cinemas, and a host of other office and service buildings.