Operating an Evac+Chair is quite simple, however being trained in the correct technique is important to ensure a safe smooth ride, and safety for both passenger and operator.

Our trainers are the only ones in New Zealand trained to the standard set by the manufacturers in Birmingham. Some organisations have their own in house training with trainers we have certified to this level.

Training includes learning the principals of transferring into and out of the chair.

Trainees need to be reasonably able bodied without impediments such as bad back, shoulder, knee, wrist etc.

Sensible footwear recommended, and perhaps modest clothing for ladies.

An area for briefing and a little paperwork is handy, however most of our training is hands on, in the stairwell.

We generally train in pairs with as close as possible weights. Once trained weight disparity is not a problem. Generally, an hour is enough to learn the basic principles. Groups of three or four are also fine but allow longer for such groups.

We encourage an occasional practice session to gain and maintain competence. If your company does Evacuation drills this is an ideal time to get the chair off the wall and practice.

Are your staff in need of training or refreshing? Email  we can arrange to visit at a suitable time.