Client List

Client List

We are often asked "Who has Evac+Chairs?"

For privacy reasons contact details are not included but the following is a fairly comprehensive idea of who in New Zealand have taken the safety of ALL their clients, customers, visitors, etc. seriously and equipped themselves with one or more Evac+Chairs.

The two Earthquakes Christchurch sadly suffered made Cantabrians wake up and be so very aware of the absolute necessity of being able to safely evacuate everyone.

Another valuable lesson was to make sure that once such ones were out of the buildings they had back up. Cell phones were not working cars crushed in basements. Nobody knowing where they were

Wellington is sitting up and taking notice, however many building owners, landlords, and businesses in Auckland and some of our other cities still slumber on and sadly haven't taken as much notice of what happened in Christchurch as they should.

Our client list includes most Government Departments, (Including the Beehive) many schools, most of our universities, most of our DHBs, councils, hotels, many multi storied apartments, processing plants, factories, theatres, event centers, etc etc.